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Google recommends SEO for your business. There are certain characteristics that your website needs to get in front of your competitor’s website and we know exactly how to make that happen. It involves changing the constant features of the website as well as an ongoing improvement and addition of features. Not all web developers are able to do that - specific SEO experience is needed.

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Grow Your Business With SEO

A lot of times you will be told that SEO is taken into account but it’s just some tags and other small features that were taken care of. However, you don’t have to guess whether your website is SEO-friendly. Contact Website Design Croydon for an audit that will show and explain exactly what is going on with your website. Once we take a careful look at your website, we will offer solutions for every lacking aspect. SEO can be tailored to various budgets, goals and business sizes. 

We give you a custom experience that is tailored according to your goals.

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Our SEO work process

Our SEO process starts with detailed research on your business, website, its competitors and industry. All those factors matter when making a digital growth plan. It includes our meticulous audit which reveals the on-page issues that are holding your website back. We also work with you to decide on keywords that would be the most relevant and lucrative. The goal is to make efficient choices that will help rank your website as some keywords may be too competitive and therefore less productive in the short term.

Then, the on-page and off-page SEO begins. On-page SEO, as the name implies, involves changes to the website such as structure, content, loading speed etc. Meanwhile, off-page SEO builds your website’s authority using methods such as backlinks. This is where Website Design Croydon excels. It’s important to be careful as some practices are banned by Google and may result in penalties for your website. We do not carry out any practices that may result in any such issues for your website. You can trust us to do right by your digital marketing growth.

SEO has been proven to be a cost-efficient method compared to other forms of marketing. Moreover, it yields long term results. If you haven’t gotten your website cleaned up and optimized, it’s better to do it sooner rather than later because search engine crawlers need some time to check out your improved website. Don’t continue missing out on customers just because you haven’t utilized this simple fix. Contact Website Design Croydon now to see how we can grow your digital presence.

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First, we audit your site and determine your business objectives

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We analyse your competitors and discover keywords and phrases that will help rank your business

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We build a detailed plan of how to get your business ranking at the top of the search engines

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We launch and watch your site's traffic improve and optimise the metrics for further results


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